Tips on How to Fix Clogged Sink Issues.

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Doesn’t it seem like a clogged sink happens at the most inconvenient time?  Without fail,  your sink will start acting up just when you’re already late for work,  trying to get ready for a big event or when you simply don’t have time to wait for the plumber. Fortunately, Colin M Easton Plumbing can teach you how to fix clogged sink issues on your own.

A clog can happen due to hair or other materials collecting in the drain and forming a kind of plug.  In order to loosen and clear this type of clog, you can try a few different methods:

  • Baking Soda and Vinegar – Pour a quarter cup of baking soda down the drain, and then add a quarter cup of white vinegar.  The mixture will foam, and the foaming action may loosen the clog.  Let the solution sit for about twenty minutes before flushing the drain with hot water.
  • Hot Water – Heat water in your tea kettle to a boil, and then flush the drain with water. If you have a small plunger, you can try using plunging action on the drain. The suction of plunging can create movement of the obstacle and potentially loosen the clog.  Then flush with hot water again.  Use a sanitary plunger in your sink – preferably a clean one that is not used for the toilet.
  • Call a Professional – Sometimes following DIY tips for how to fix clogged sink issues will only get you so far.  If you are unsure about trying to unclog a drain by yourself, or if you have tried the above methods with no success, call your local New York City plumbing professionals to come and take a look.